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Medical Products:

  Foot Operated Surgical Scrub Dispensers

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488 dispenser
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Handwashing prevents the spread of infection and Highland Labs' Surgical Scrub Dispensers help protect the professional and the patient. Highland dispensers provide an aseptic method of dispensing scrub solution through the use of a time-tested FOOT-OPERATED dispensing system. No other surgical scrub dispensing method used in the clinical setting is as safe, reliable and cost-effective.

  • SAFE: Highland's foot-operated dispensing system prevents recontamination of hands while dispensing solution, unlike hand-operated systems.

  • RELIABLE: Highland's patented metering valve dispenses a measured amount of solution each and every time, regardless of soap level, and prevents pressurized air from coming in contact with the solution.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Highland's dispensers require no batteries; the metering valve prevents waste of solution.

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